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MMS – Course Structure

MMS – Programme Structure at HKIMSR

The two years full time MMS programme comprises of 4 semesters.

Year 1 | Semester I: designed for developing broader understanding of basic principles of business & management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Project: In the beginning of academic session, students are encouraged to work with social organisations or CSR departments of leading industrial houses to develop understanding and sensitivity towards socio-economic problems existing in our Indian society. The compulsory social work tenure culminates with a project on the task accomplished – a unique approach to develop humane leaders for the future.

Year 1 | Semester II: emphasises on learning core subjects and an insight into various specialisation in business and management

  • Summer Internship: Compulsory 6-8 weeks summer internship in chosen industry to gain practical experience and complete research project on an identified issue or problem. Thus, providing an opportunity to the students to augment theoretical concepts with practical situations faced in the real world.
  • Team Leadership & Personality Development Project: Students are involved in various non-academic activities that lead to making decisions under challenging situations. The spectrum and format of activities involve working in team and taking charge as potential team leader. The opportunity helps in developing various facets of personality, confidence building and in honing leadership qualities among students.

Year 2 | Semester III: in the beginning of Year 2, students need to pursue specialisation of their choice and interest. The academic rigour is increased for the inclusion of two University Papers – one paper on International Business common across all specialisation and other paper from the chosen area of specialization.

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