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Certificate Distribution Ceremony 2015: Students from Class of 2014 marching out!

The fifth annual certification distribution ceremony for the graduating students from HK Institute of Management Studies & Research (HKIMSR) and third annual certification distribution ceremony for the graduating students from H K College of Pharmacy (HKCP) was organised at H.K. Campus at Jogeshwari (West) on February 02, 2015. Amidst the cacophonic sound of applause, the class of 2014 was awarded certificates for completing their MMS and PGDM courses.

The occasion was graced by Prof. Javed Khan, Honourable Founder and President of Oriental Education Society and Maharashtra Education Society, Mr Ajeet Khurana, CEO of IIT Bombay’s SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Mr Abhijeet Banerjee, Head of Human Resources at WeatherFord, a Multinational company in Oil and Energy Sector and Dr Anubha Khale, Principal and HOD Pharmaceutics, HK College of Pharmacy.

(The dignitaries for the certificate distribution ceremony: L-R – Prof. Javed Khan, Ajeet Khurana, Abhijeet Banerjee and Dr. Anubha Khale)

The ceremony commenced with ancient rites of walking down the aisle in formation of academic procession by the students. Led by President and Guests of Honour, academic procession marked the successful completion of their perspiring years in accomplishing through the process of academic rigour.

(Graduating students all set for the ceremonial walk down the aisle)

Post welcome note by management student, Prof. Javed Khan shared inspiring anecdotes from the treasure trove of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhiji’s life and work: “Try to do a little better!” and “hard work is the essence of success!” – exemplified as the necessary impetus for next generation of students to achieve greater heights. Sharing his personal experience, he explained how personal desire takes precedence over the greater good. And, he urged the Future leaders not to shy away from difficulties or obstacles, but to face the truths squarely and find deep meaning in it.

(Honourable Prof. Javed Khan, President, Maharashtra Educational Society addressing the graduating students)

Mr. Ajeet Khurana, CEO of IIT Bombay’s, SINE (Society of Innovation & Entrepreneurship), reverberated the audience with his extraordinary synthesis of words and experiences. He shared his life experience, as a graduating student, as an entrepreneur and currently as a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs. He emphasised on how alumni forms the pillars of foundation in building an institution. Though, he lucidly expressed how teachers, founders and processes are pivotal to a student’s academic success, still, students remain the central pivot for the success of an institution. Finally, he elucidated the point on how one should live every day in making a difference to the society and world at large.
Mr. Abhijeet Banerjee , the Head of Human Resources at Weatherford, one of the top 40 HR Leaders in India in 2013, guided our graduating students on the fundamentals of conducting introspection. He explained how organizational transformations could be achieved by analyzing thinking and decision making processes of the young talents. He explained through live industry example – how eye to detail remains mantra behind performances, while short-cuts in professional life only leads to career disasters.

Dr. Anubha Khale, Principal & HOD of HK College of Pharmacy, provided valuable guidance to the graduating students by emphasizing that one should concentrate more on learning opportunity than the packages, in the beginning of their career. She explained how corporations are today looking at community needs and expecting new talents to focus their resources and expertise to foster genuine change on critical issues.

(Cross section of the audience – graduating students, parents and teaching staff)

The inspiring deliverances were followed by distribution of certificates to 58 graduating students from HKCP and 110 graduating students from HKIMSR. The oath to enter pharmacy profession was coordinated by Dr. Angha Raut and indoctrination to the management profession as per the guidelines of University of Mumbai, was conducted by Prof. T. G. Roy, Academic Head of the institution. Prof. Roy also declared the closure of the ceremony by extending thanks to the team of students and faculty members who organised the event and sharing an anecdote from the life of Michael Dell.

The ceremony concluded with everyone paying respect to the National Anthem.

The ceremony was followed by an interactive session on induction of our students to the ‘HK High Flyers Club,’ HKIMSR alumni association.
As soon as the session concluded, fresh graduates rushed out of the auditorium, eager to share the joy with their family and friends. Over the bites and beverages, conversation revolved around reminiscing shared memories, exchange of details as well as promises to meet up, even across borders. The whirring of cameras and the clicking of shutters, selfies and youies continued till late evening. The students displayed signs of happiness and participating parents exhibited signs of contentment.

(“Throwing the Hat” ceremony for graduating students of 2014 – finally marching out!)

Our graduates and their guests were notably impressed by the splendour of our ceremonial traditions and the grandeur of the auditorium. Many were said to be “bursting with pride”, having been congratulated on their academic achievements by such distinguished guests.
As rightly said – “Gateway is Open” – for the graduates to embrace every opportunity and tackle all challenges in the way to their professional and personal endeavours.

Our heartiest congratulations to the graduating students of HKIMSR – class of 2014!

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