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Personality Enhancement Workshop designed by English Manner Academy, London

HKIMSR | Mumbai | January 13-14, 2017- Two days “Personality Enhancement Workshop” was organised on January 13-14, 2017 for the management students at HKIMSR, where expert trainers affiliated to London based English Manner Academy (UK) and promoted by Wasan Knowledge Hub in India imparted essential insights to the students on communication skills, grooming, etiquettes and other image enhancement protocols.

The first day session was conducted by Ms. Anita N.E. on 13/01/17 on appropriate grooming styles and appearance methods for both men and women for personal, social and corporate engagements. Be at workplace or in conferences or meetings or for weekend chill-outs, job interviews or maybe for family weddings, dressing codes with respect to appropriate colour and style were explained to the students.

Further, the trainer advised students to preferably get suits stitched rather than purchase it from a store for a perfect fit and look. It is always necessary to have a third layer like a dupatta or a scarf or stole when it comes to Indian formal attire for women. For men, the tip of the tie should reach the belt and also the breath of the tie should be equal to the shirts collar breadth size. She also stated the tie should be decent, simple and elegant with not much funky designs and not a much of a loud colour.

Coming to shoes, the speaker mentioned it is preferable to wear closed toe shoes which are accepted in corporate world. Open toe shoes resemble a bad view. For men, the shoes should have laces and should be matte coloured and shouldn’t be much glossy. Ms. Anita also mentioned about the elements that create positive first impression. Ones grooming, etiquette, body language, communication skills should be on point as it leaves very first impression on the first meeting. She also spoke to the students about handshakes, and appropriate sitting and standing postures which plays an important role because it reflects ones personality and body language.

The second day session on the 14/01/17 was conducted by Ms. Nisha Mehta. She presented to the students on a whole about communication skills, various facial expressions and also about different styles of communication (passive, aggressive, passive aggressive and assertive). The speaker put forth to the audience about different elements that comprises ‘voice’ during a verbal communication such as Pitch, Inflection, Courtesy, Tone, Understandability, Rate of speech, Enthusiasm which is shortly termed as (PICTURE).

The workshop was very informative and interesting for all the students. The two days workshop enriched the students on various personality enhancement facets and helped to reshape their persona.

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